About Us


We create dreamy poetry in the form of fragrance.

Lavender Clouds & Poetry is a small batch, non-toxic fragrance brand that captures the beauty offered by nature and delicately bottles it in beautiful artisan glass vessels.

We blend an enchanting sonnet of notes that dance, sway and caress the skin.

Our collection of handcrafted fragrances are made in small batches using precious essential oils, plant essences and natural aromatic isolates. Each formula is aged for three months before being packaged in our hand-painted bottles.

Every single bottle is one-of-a-kind just like the women who wear it.


We believe in celebrating the beauty of nature and fostering connection through fragrance.

Fragrance has the power to transform a simple moment into a lasting memory.

Every memory comes with its own scent.

Maybe it’s the perfume your mom wore for extra special occasions, the smell of homemade caramel filling your grandmothers kitchen, the musky smell of his favorite jacket or the deep purple violets that grow along your fence.

These simple scents have the power to flood your mind with memories, and catapult you into a past moment.

We design fragrances that effortlessly weaves its way into those simple everyday moments that will one day become your most treasured memories.


My obsession with fragrance started at a very young age watching my mother dab perfume on her wrists before a special occasion, and admiring my grandmothers treasures collection of eloquent glass bottles.

These memories had been buried away until a few years ago when a friend introduced me to the art of botanical perfume.

I became infatuated with creating beautiful fragrances by blending precious oils that had been pressed, macerated and picked from mother nature. Using my nose, memories and desires, I imagined dreamy, magnificent scents that were unlike anything else on the market.

I am not a classically trainee perfumer, and the industry professionals I met looked nothing like me. It was this lack of representation that drove me to launch one of a few black-owned fragrance brands.

Perfume to me is an expression of oneself. It’s an extension of who you are, what you feel, value and love.

This is why we hand paint every single perfume bottle to honor the beauty of our unique be as unique and abstract as the women who wear it.


My love for poetry and reading has opened endless doors to me as both an entrepreneur and black woman.

That is why we donate a portion of all proceeds to the Cultural Connections Institute.

Literacy opens the door to many amazing opportunities and builds self-confidence. Therefore a portion of our proceeds are donated to the Cultural Connections Institute. This wonderful program supports both language and cultural learning for immigrants to strengthen their literacy skills and builds their confidence to navigate their new world.

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