Fast on the heels of inaugural scents Dripping Nectar Concoction 15, Peculiar Pink Fruit Concoction 26 and A Different Kind of Soft Concoction 51, Lavender Clouds and Poetry has released a fourth! This new perfume is unique from its siblings. Kush Tomboys & Champagne Concoction 62 forgoes the floral notes of the previous three in favour of a fresh, green, genderless scent.

A New Delight Takes the Spotlight

Kush Tomboys & Champagne Concoction 62 did not quite fit in the soft feminine vibe of the initial launch. Akosua lets her intuition and state of mind guide her in deciding which scents to release. She dabbles in creating scents to suit her mood and keeps them in a book to be launched when she feels it is their time to shine. This particular perfume went through several transformations before it was deemed perfect.

“Tomboys Kush & Champagne took about four and a half months from inception to release,” said Akosua. “There was a lot of back and forth when I was selecting notes that would create the androgynous, feminine, yet masculine aroma that I was trying to convey.”

Citrus and Kush

Growing up, Akosua had a tomboy phase she looks back at with fondness and finds a gravitating pull towards fresh, citrusy masculine scents. She worked with these ideas to create a smell with both masculine and feminine notes. The goal was to create something genderless, which proved to be an interesting challenge.

“I depended on dry citrus notes that were quite “manly” in aroma. Scents such as pomelo, kaffir lime, Argentinian lemon and Tahitian lime were used to create lift and emphasize the feminine masculinity in this scent.”

In addition, this concoction utilizes an ingredient that one might not consider for a perfume: Cannabis leaf. Dried cannabis leaves are incredibly aromatic yet ambiguous. Their enigmatic, herbaceous, earthy scent makes them an obvious choice for a perfume such as this.

Kush Tomboys and Champagne Exposed

Finding the right notes to craft this scent took several iterations. It required sweet, feminine notes to balance out the stronger masculine ones without making it muddy or flat. All this with the right amount of lift. Kush Tomboys & Champagne Concoction 62 starts off fresh, green and androgynous, but it dries down woody and soft. Its top notes consist of pomelo and kaffir lime. The middle notes are where you will find the cannabis leaf, as well as champagne. The base notes then wrap it all up with white breu branco and ambergris.

Where to Next

Kush Tomboys & Champagne Concoction 62 is one of many intriguing projects in the works for Lavender Clouds and Poetry. Its beguiling genderless scent is perfect for someone who desires something clean and herbaceous with notes of citrus. With such a unique fourth perfume added to the collection, one can only wait and wonder what olfactory journeys Akosua’s moods will take us on next.